Underestimating time

Like all mothers , I expected that am going to have some ‘me’ time and try to enjoy probably. I was wrong , indeed very wrong.

Every day I might think , I would do, this and that and much more, before reaching home , or just before the nights sleep, yet I do nothing .

After dropping my little ones to school, what I just do is , sit and gaze time , as if my clock is pretty beautiful. I keep checking it now and then , every second. Check many clocks if it is really right.

And by the time its time, it’s like , OMG , am literally out of time, a lot many things to do, and nothing was done. What a pretty situation .Then am totally messed up , don’t know where to begin and where to end. Some days , I just want to do lot many unusual things and finally am lazy and I feel like the couch is actually attracting me to it rather than my dirty and total chaos.

Being back home with the second, one again I have to threaten her to put to sleep, else she is going to make a mess again. Of course, she sleeps only when she wants. Finally again ,as she dozes off, my time to admire the clock starts. In spite of keeping an alarm ,I generally have a tendency to look at my pretty clock.

And once both are home, I keep running errands to finish all the work, which I could have done when none was there to disturb me. Yet am so habited to do thinks like a messed p manner. And after all the scoldings from my mom , to do things rightly ,I end up messing things . Oh, yea! I seriously need a little more time…where is the clock running at times .

Time .. time ..please stop for me…at least some time. I wish.