At times passion is important

Loose it, it is not important now…. kept telling my brain to my mind…every time I wanted to take up something I always loved to. I felt some stares ,protruding eyes around me, looking at me as if I was doing some sin.

Then one moment in between the chaos he muttered a ‘yes’ , something just made everything vanish out all the negatives , it was like a sunshine far and above.

Anyways it made me feel better, somewhere the passion in me is not dying out. I enjoy dances and it is always my passion. I used to dance when am all alone or with my kids.The swaying, the steps, the swings everything in it makes me happier. I may not be perfect but whatever I did bring joy to me.

You can see the big rush of blood flowing up to my brain and in between highlighting the presence on my cheeks , showing off, I do love what am doing then. I feel the energy , the punch and the joy of dancing.

I know this will die out the day I perform on the stage, and that is it, I will be off the road again, back to the life , where I am gonna hide all my passion and stay like an empty box in the house, wherein everyone can put in the demands.

I know when you have a loving person in my life, who gives me a push and at times ,a simple ‘yes ‘ or a nod makes me happier . I would be like a Lil girl who got a candy .

I keep telling my daughters ,do what you feel like doing because I cannot assure how long you will be doing it.I have seen my elder one enjoying her dance classes ,wherein now instead of walking she is actually dancing around, I remember the days when I was like that too. It brings in a sheer happiness in my heart.

The joy of pursuing your passion is the greatest gift of your life.

The best part of being a family

One of my lazy and gloomy afternoon, where I curl up right infant of the television watching what just comes on the TV , I was watching the movie ‘Nine months’ , the movies was going quite emotional and I got lost in the movie with my Lil one curled up in my lap. The scene where the baby comes out reminds me of my lovely meeting with darling daughters, the best and the most memorable moments of my life. Am sure is never gonna forget those.

As my Lil one saw the baby in their hands, she kept saying the baby is like her, my motherhood shook me up and I gave a sweet kiss on her forehead and just said ‘yes’ . The joy of being a mum is millions of times better than any other happiness .

As I continued watching the same movie, the lovely scene where the dad holds the baby and puts him to sleep on his shoulders. The beautiful scene is complete with mum coming and joining. IT just brought tears to my eyes, the joy ones not the sad ones. I love the family things….emotions, drama, love, fights and everything.

The peacefulness in the eyes of your Lil babies makes your life so beautiful. All day you make me crazy ,angry, frustrated at times, but in the end, when I put them to sleep, all the weirdness of the day goes off and just brings in a smile on my face.

The way they look at me with those yearning eyes , thinking am someone who could do magic in their lives setting everything straight for them , I guess it’s right the other way. My kids are the one who set my life straight, now I find joy in everything I do .

and most importantly what I like to do is to be with my darlings and enjoy every bit of life.That is the best things about family.