At times passion is important

Loose it, it is not important now…. kept telling my brain to my mind…every time I wanted to take up something I always loved to. I felt some stares ,protruding eyes around me, looking at me as if I was doing some sin.

Then one moment in between the chaos he muttered a ‘yes’ , something just made everything vanish out all the negatives , it was like a sunshine far and above.

Anyways it made me feel better, somewhere the passion in me is not dying out. I enjoy dances and it is always my passion. I used to dance when am all alone or with my kids.The swaying, the steps, the swings everything in it makes me happier. I may not be perfect but whatever I did bring joy to me.

You can see the big rush of blood flowing up to my brain and in between highlighting the presence on my cheeks , showing off, I do love what am doing then. I feel the energy , the punch and the joy of dancing.

I know this will die out the day I perform on the stage, and that is it, I will be off the road again, back to the life , where I am gonna hide all my passion and stay like an empty box in the house, wherein everyone can put in the demands.

I know when you have a loving person in my life, who gives me a push and at times ,a simple ‘yes ‘ or a nod makes me happier . I would be like a Lil girl who got a candy .

I keep telling my daughters ,do what you feel like doing because I cannot assure how long you will be doing it.I have seen my elder one enjoying her dance classes ,wherein now instead of walking she is actually dancing around, I remember the days when I was like that too. It brings in a sheer happiness in my heart.

The joy of pursuing your passion is the greatest gift of your life.

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