Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day to all my lovely teachers.

I respect them because I know the struggles they take to get every single child in the class to study and excel in their life.I have seen how much they pray that every kid could learn and reach the top.

For those who say that teaching is easier, then they really don’t know the hard work the teachers put in to teach kids. It’s a long struggle , an outcome is visible after years. It is not the marks they obtain , but the values the teachers imbibe in their students that showcase the teaching. A student spends almost majority his time from the time he starts schooling with his/her teacher , and so they learn a lot from them .

I was lucky to have teachers who showed compassion , struggle, hard work, friendliness , care to all their students . My teachers were all dedicated to their profession and they all have bestowed their blessings on us. They spend almost majority time with us teaching straining their throat and standing all the time. Those times as a kid , we may not have noticed the difficulties they undergo to get all of us concentrate in the class.

The way the students respect their teachers have changed with time. Now hardly I see the pinch of respect in the world. The world is changing. Still, a teacher is a teacher.

Everyone who teaches us a lesson for life is someway or the other the great tutor in your life.

Happy teacher’s day to all my beloved teachers, who has showered their blessings on me.