What I want to be?

Some or the other asks this question in every stage of life to us.

It difficult to answer these. For me as a kid, I just wanted to be a police officer, but never knew that there were many hurdles like tests and exams to jump through to reach the police academy. Still, the thought kept rendering in my mind. I had dreams of being a policewoman and smashing and hitting the people I hated most.
Anyways it just remained a dream.

After my tenth, it was a difficult decision to choose what to study. As I was little lazier to choose Biology for drawing , and being so intellectual in money matters, I never chose commerce and science with bio, hence the option was computers. Somewhere at one point. I started liking it, as there was not much to study as compared to all the other subjects in science. That led me to choose Computers.

AS usual the final year of the course, I wanted to be a software engineer and travel around the world . But every dream I put in a box and buried under my life . Now my dreams are to sync with everyone around me so that everyone’s life goes undisturbed.

I am happy as I have a family who loves me and who gives me the broadband to choose things that don’t violate anyone’s wishes and dreams. I have the liberty to choose from certain choices listed for a mum and a wife. And finally, we chose our happiness is others happiness and always do anything we chose to make ourselves and others happy.

Even if many don’t agree with the fact of this constraint , its the truth. The truth , which is true from one perspective and false from others.

For me, ambitions changed at every phase, and now am doing what became my passion , it is all because of the support of my family.

At times we end up doing what actually we should be doing