Listening to my lil chatterbox

All day I can spend listening to her and it’s fun.

The time she started to go to school ,seems an entertaining part of her life.

Some might question me , why am sending her to play school so early, but I believe this is the perfect age to enjoy and learn more. Initially, the few days of her start it was little difficult for her to be without me, but it was the same for me too. The only difference was that she was amidst a group of kids and me amidst in an empty home. That is the time I realised how difficult it is to be all alone. Yes , of course when my elder one went to school , all these struggles I had gone trough and overcame too.

Here , going out for something was not at all ideal , because I hate this city , the pollution is like draining all the freshness in my body as well as my mind. Where I look it’s just congestion, I hated it . Hence the only option was to stay at home, luckily I have lots of work to be done to keep me busy.

The first few days, I open the laptop sit in front of it, yet my fingers never moved, as I was stuck. My thoughts kept wandering here and there , thinking about her. The sad face always popped in my mind ,which was like pricking my heart.

Then slowly things changed , her smile was like a sunshine for me. Every day she smiles and gives me a sweet kiss as she said bye to me. As soon as she seems me by the end of her class,she comes running to me and gives a hug. Can’t explain the feeling that comes into my mind , it is beyond words.

Nowadays , she gives a detailed class on how was things in her school , as well as many beautiful stories about her class. She tells what the teacher does, and what not. One day she said, teacher don’t do like mum does, it is different . I was surprised by her observations.

All her stories are wonderful to listen to . Other ones are the rhymes which she keeps sings all day and night and teaching her sister,while she learns a lot from her too. Learning is totally mutually exclusive.

My ears are almost cooked with all these stories and songs, sometimes I wonder what exactly am listening to .Bliss !

The only issue I should always look at her ,while she speaks, else she would say ” oh k , am not telling anything since you are not looking at me” , I was shocked and smiling at the same time I heard it first, now am quite accustomed to it.

An entirely different scenario am dealing with now as compared to parenting my elder one. Am glad for these cute chances am getting to live through.

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