Handling Depressions

As I was browsing through many news in the web pages , past a couple of times I came across some news regarding depressions and the after-effects. It seemed to me be more like depressing for me . I could relate to most of the instances .

Most of the times a person gets depressed when they are stressed out. It is common for people who are overloaded with work and responsibility. At times out mind cannot handle the emotions and finally the mind starts to make things up , which are quite not good for the person. The person will be like being pushed into some black hole ,where everything is just dark and no connections with anything around them.

The new moms face it most often . Been alone , loaded with a new responsibility in life, no one to share their responsibilities and much more. One thing I would like to tell these new moms is that , Relax dears . You are not alone ,every other mom who handles all these responsibilities carry the burden of tensions . Reassure yourself that , noting is more important than your kid ,keep focussing on them and of course take care of yourself, because you are the pillar of the family.

Loneliness is also a reason for depression. Even though we are surrounded by thousands of people , our heart might long to talk to someone , we feel close to. Take time ,socialize , explore places, enjoy the sunlight and the soft breeze. Nature truly has a healing touch. I would advise al the new moms to take the time out and enjoy the nature rather than four walls of the houses.

Friendship plays a pivotal role in handling depressions. No one can predict , what ones ‘Hi/ Hello ‘ can change the perspective of anyone towards life. Enjoy the bliss of friendships, relive your childhood.