Every day it’s a new tension ,new day, new things to encounter and may more.It is all up to us how to deal it.

Wondering why we stress a lot?

How to deal it?

Every person has some or the other problems to deal with. We all think ours is the worst one, while in another corner of the world, there are many other who undergo the worst of our dreams .

The main reason for stress is that we have to deal with the pressure of being perfect. At times no one to share our responsibility. We are expected much ,beyond our imagination. To reach perfection ,we thrive harder and harder bringing the thrust on our heart and brain and one day it will all wear out.

We need to stop living to meet others expectations. Everyone is scared what others might say or think about them. Ignore them,imagine they are invisible.It is tough but never impossible. Remember that no one is famous without rumors and defects.

When I was stressed ,the first thing that helped me was taking a walk, like a blend of the nature, and praying. I love being out in nature, and enjoy the soft breeze , chirping of birds ,moving clouds and much more. For some a book, a nice talk, a perfect cup of tea, an outing , a smile of our kids , a gesture of being appreciated is enough. For some, it is not enough. Making friends can really help at such times , as we get to know many things we thought only we were going through.

The positive thought that things are going to change is the first sign that you are thriving to loose all your stress. Remember that no one can help you other than you yourself.

Never loose hope, take a leap above your problems like a rabbit and enjoy the world beyond your problems. There is a better world ahead, it is just that you need to seek yourself out of all these negative emotions to see the beauty.

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