My famous five-an unforgettable friendship

I remember the time when my parents left me at the hostel, the pain of being away from my parents was like unbearable. I had spent much more days crying and depressed. I just wanted to go back home and be with my family. The hostel was like a horror house for me, the nights were scarier. The scary bathrooms in the wing where I stayed , invited enough creepy things inside and the roofs of the hostel,was an abode of some creatures whose names I never knew then. Oh!! the initial days were really scary, only them mornings were the best part,where I could get to my class and feel safe with my bestie.

Then slowly things changed , I had few friends ,started with my roomies , then slowly every room next to me had a friend. I started to feel like being home, I loved my single bed and the study table . Everything was a different experience .I started to live out of the comfy life of my house. Made quite really good friends who are still with me even though far away. a

We all were from a different stream, but the best part was we all loved each other’s company. We all were different still happily enjoyed the interests of each other. The time went by, we were like a group of 5 girls ,which I used to call the Famous five. We enjoyed the time we took to walk to the college and the lunch breaks , and many things. Their company made me learn a lot. The best part was the fun time on Sunday when we used to visit the Chapel in our college . When the sun goes down and our college shined up in the light of dusk.

Things changed with years, by the end of the college everyone got busier , still, we had enough interaction. At many points, the way they stood with me was like supporting. That’s what friends are for. If I could recollect the fun days we had , then , the numerous occasions where we laughed like hell, enjoyed the company, singing ,dancing, gossiping and much more.

Those days will never come back, yet the memories are still fresh. And the Famous five are still together ,even worlds apart.

The joy of friendship is truly a bliss.

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