My famous five-an unforgettable friendship

Soul Recitals

I remember the time when my parents left me at the hostel, the pain of being away from my parents was like unbearable. I had spent much more days crying and depressed. I just wanted to go back home and be with my family. The hostel was like a horror house for me, the nights were scarier. The scary bathrooms in the wing where I stayed , invited enough creepy things inside and the roofs of the hostel,was an abode of some creatures whose names I never knew then. Oh!! the initial days were really scary, only them mornings were the best part,where I could get to my class and feel safe with my bestie.

Then slowly things changed , I had few friends ,started with my roomies , then slowly every room next to me had a friend. I started to feel like being home, I loved my single…

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