The more we have , the less they want :)

Parenting is a different scenario as compared to what is written in books. You can never learn to be a parent through books.

We commit mistakes

we learn

we correct

and it is like a cycle as these tasks keep repeating itself. It’s fun, sometimes a torture and sometimes it’s like losing games. Yet, in the end, you have a happy child . That is the best part of being a parent.

My kids love everything I make for them, luckily it comes out well and not a disaster. Every day it’s a new demand as if am a chef and they are ordering from a restaurant. I guess am meeting their expectations as a cook.

Whenever we go out for any lunch or dinner, we happen to order many things they like and at times we might just think, they will eat only those. But to our shock, they never want what is ordered for them, rather they find our plate to more attractive than theirs. Most of the times ,my younger one end up eating what I brought , because the moment my plate arrives the table ,she looks at me as if I snatched her food.

Even though she never eats it, she makes it a point to make a mess of the food and in the end, I had to eat whatever is ordered for her as well as me. Or probably only the left outs.It always happens like that. We underestimate kids at times, mostly all the times.

Whenever we think of sharing with kids ,rather than buying another one, they make sure that nothing is left for us. And when we buy more, they rather don’t even want to tray having them.


Really exhausted with these tantrums .

Hopefully, I make better options next time to order a meal.

Second Chances

The fair game of life is depending on Chances and Choices.

The one who grabs the chance makes the right choices.

Rather than repenting on the past , it is better to give your life new and better opportunities.

For me, am living my childhood through my kids, making a mess, playing around like kids, doing art and craft. Enjoying with them is like re-living my childhood. The fun and enjoyment we have as kids can never beat the other experiences in our life . The innocence of the kids and the fun they experience is unique.

I want to be like them, nibbling around something , having an ice-cream which is melting and I can lick around, Play on the swings and slides, enjoy a laugh over a favourite TV show and much more.

Being at home ,am always lucky to see and be a part of their life . I even put the cartoons I used to watch as a kid and be a kid again . Luckily am granted with second Chances . The privilege is only enjoyed by a few, some think it’s rather awkward , some think it is a burden and for some it is rather impossible. It is rather choices at times too.

The best thing about being a stay -at-home mum is that you can enjoy more and more with your kids , which is never enough.

The only Choice that made me a better person is being a mum. Rather I am glad I grabbed the opportunity as it came to my life. Sometimes the decisions we take in our life helps you focus more on what is more important to you .

What I want to be?

Some or the other asks this question in every stage of life to us.

It difficult to answer these. For me as a kid, I just wanted to be a police officer, but never knew that there were many hurdles like tests and exams to jump through to reach the police academy. Still, the thought kept rendering in my mind. I had dreams of being a policewoman and smashing and hitting the people I hated most.
Anyways it just remained a dream.

After my tenth, it was a difficult decision to choose what to study. As I was little lazier to choose Biology for drawing , and being so intellectual in money matters, I never chose commerce and science with bio, hence the option was computers. Somewhere at one point. I started liking it, as there was not much to study as compared to all the other subjects in science. That led me to choose Computers.

AS usual the final year of the course, I wanted to be a software engineer and travel around the world . But every dream I put in a box and buried under my life . Now my dreams are to sync with everyone around me so that everyone’s life goes undisturbed.

I am happy as I have a family who loves me and who gives me the broadband to choose things that don’t violate anyone’s wishes and dreams. I have the liberty to choose from certain choices listed for a mum and a wife. And finally, we chose our happiness is others happiness and always do anything we chose to make ourselves and others happy.

Even if many don’t agree with the fact of this constraint , its the truth. The truth , which is true from one perspective and false from others.

For me, ambitions changed at every phase, and now am doing what became my passion , it is all because of the support of my family.

At times we end up doing what actually we should be doing

Is it possible for women to forget their role and run away ?

Inspired by these lines :

“I am two women: one wants to have all the joy, passion and adventure that life can give me. The other wants to be a slave to routine, to family life, to the things that can be planned and achieved.
I’m a housewife and a wanderer, both of us living in the same body and doing battle with each other.”

― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

Left me thinking about the real state of every woman. We all are mentioned “two women ” . Sometimes we all need both the women in us to be happy and we try our level best to inspire our inner soul. At times we fail , and we take out the frustration on ur loved ones. Yep, that is of course never the right thing to.

We, women, are typical filmy, most of the time, we want friends ,but we can’t run away from things. We don’t want to do some things but yet , we end up doing it. We don’t want to be slaves, but in the end, our brittle hearts fall for the love and care we long for.

ones married, we don’t want to escape from our routine because we think escapism is totally cowardly (something we need to change and throw out of mind). Change is not something cowardly, it helps us to survive in a better way.

For all these, you need someone in life who can tolerate the two sides of yourself. In that way, you can be a wanderer as well as a housewife. Even if you don’t have , then take up the challenge to be an adventurer. Else at the end of your life, you might repent on “why you never did what you liked”.

The burden of responsibilities

It is not a funny thing to me as I consider being the girl at times is little tiring in this world. Even though we all ladies have the same phenomenon of getting burdened with responsibilities all the time. We thrive to be perfect and we get tangled up , from which even years if we try we cannot escape.

I am not a feminist , in my viewpoint, I do think men too struggle through a lot many new responsibilities. Some of them help to co-exist and some neglect and some do just when asked. It is usually considered negligible when it is the case of boys, but for girls, there is nothing they can do.

The society is blending the living in such a way that all the hurdles regarding kids and household go to the lady of the house and the monetary things go to the boys. Even if the lady works, their work is not considered important if the lady’s husband earns.

I have noticed many times that many ask me “oh why you need to work, as your husband earns?”

For me, that sounds really awful to hear such statement. It is not only his responsibility , it’s mine too. A home that we take a time to bring up ,it is a joint effort, not a single one.

I want my kids to learn that a home is not where one works and other spends ,it is both earning and sharing every single penny for each other and family .That makes it a family. No family is perfect ,everything needs time and understanding.

If one has to survive the other has to help too , it is the same another way too. As a daughter, a wife, a mum ,my responsibilities need some sharing too, that is when we all can smoothly live .