Happy Diwali



Twinkling everywhere .

The lights of Deepawali has well lit the places and houses. The cute little diyas(lamps) and the decoration lights of all shapes and length are just filling up the places. From my nest, I could notice all these beautifully decorated houses and in the evenings the sparkles of the crackers up in the sky.

The festive season is indeed the best.

My kids love watching the lights decorated in a house and my younger one keeps her voice all modulated in the highest tone that my ears blast when she says ” Mamma lights “. The excitement is all in their eyes and the tone just make me excited too. I love the idea of lighting small lamps across the balcony railings and the well-lit house in that cute light is just amazing.

Even today before the onset of Diwali, the crackers bursting here and there and I can hear the howling of dogs , and the birds flying away scared with the sound . I do feel bad about scaring the animals .

Far from my nest ,I could hear the sounds of crackers even in the daylight. The nightfall is the best time to enjoy the beauty of lights. A stroll across the street would be an ideal way to explore the beautiful lighting and the decorated streets.

Diwali is the best time to munch on some sweets, and yes, of course, I do it more often. Waiting to buy more sweets and enjoy crackers and lights with my Diwali celebration.

Enjoy your Diwali and be safe too.

Happy Diwali!!!

A peaceful cup of Tea- is all you need


A random conversation with my friend in my walk time landed up in this post. Making me realize how important is to have a good cup of tea in a peaceful environment.

Yea- Peaceful !! With two lil naughty kids at home , an unimaginable part.

I guess it’s being days for such an instance, actually, I don’t have tea when they are not around ,and hence no peaceful.

The best time to have a Tea is morning time, when the world around me silent ( other than some bore well diggers in and around who are disrupting my peace more often). It quite impossible to have a full cup of Chai , over time something or the other comes up and I get busy and my cup awaits me all the time.

Even as I write now, my cup is kind of waiting for the sip.

As I sip another portion, I remembered ,how my kids are having a cup of milk came to my mind . My elder one is quite responsible, she finishes a glass over time I hand it over to her , other than at a time when she fusses around the creamy layer on the milk.

Second one …OOOh ! Unimaginable.

The glass has unending wait..alwayss.

She takes a glass of milk, walking around spilling everywhere on the way, as if she is marking some tracks on her path ,and finally as she reaches the living room , places the cup right at the edge of the sofa.

Then comes the part ,where she is climbing up the sofa, in order to sit n relax, but unfortunately, tats not relaxing for me, as I keep my hand right on my heart watching her climb up , just to see that she don’t hit the glass.

Most of the times, it ends up in a furry time , and I get irritated. She had a spill the milk multiple times, almost a full glass. I feel like punishing by not giving ,but then sooner or later you will find me with a full glass of milk behind her.

All these times, my Chai would be waiting. The terrible wait for my cup is unending.

Care and Share

Something I keep telling my kids to do. And worth doing ourselves too. 

From childhood, I was someone so much driven by emotions. I feel like helping everyone  I could. And at times , I was even fooled, yet I never felt like taking revenge. I always told myself that ,” I was fooled just because it was a fault to trust everyone, not because they were good enough to fool me around” . To my luck, the blessing of everyone who loved me has never let me fail. 

At times these thoughts about being fooled around make me feel that I should not let my kids fall into such traps. Then again , the strong mommy in me ,whispers in my mind ” Calm down dear, you are not alone.” 

Caring and sharing are selfless emotions, claiming on doing so and returning something in return make it more commercial. Hence I tell my kids , to share things , which I don’t know how far it is reaching their souls . Even though they fight with each other for each and everything, in the end, they compromise. The sight of it is quite relaxing. 

I always loved to share whatever information I receive ,especially  the beneficial ones. And I always found joy in doing so. I don’t expect anything in return too. I always enjoyed being helpful for someone , it a joy of living.

I know I cannot teach my kids this, it is a lesson they need to get themselves. Attest I can just portray an example for them, as I had learned from my mom. 

Give and you earn the blessing to live happier.

Your life- your choice

Any moment in our life, one must never ever lose is their confidence.

Confidence  is a plus factor that lets you succeed even when thousands of hurdles come across in our life ,we might even encounter things which we are not even familiar to do well with. Still, our self-belief is the only factor that will help us surpass all the obstacles and challenges. 

Some times, we lose our souls, we feel lost in some world where you don’t even see the sunshine or a moonlight. Every person goes this stage and it is a huge struggle to back into a single piece. 

The time when we feel lonely , we confuse our souls too much rather than convince. The convincing part is quite complicated ,as it sometimes just requires a small trigger. That trigger is our confidence which can be configured in various ways.

  •  Talk to someone you feel like.
  • Keep networking.
  • Learn a new skill, upskill yourself every now and then.
  • Never feel that you are alone, there are many who are suffering more than you ,yet keeping up a smile.
  • Decorate yourself with a smile. a smile can do wonders. 
  • Bring in positivity ,be it appreciating something you cooked.
  • Do what you feel like doing always.
  • Remember Age is just a number, ignore it.So never say you are old enough for it.

Life is a choice we choose from all our beloved things to do list. Being a wife, a mom everything is  a choice we choose. One can be desperate to do things one like but never get depressed when you don’t do it. Remember you are always counted on by someone who dearly loves you to the core. At every new stage ,do with your heart . Face it with you smile ,and you will see things turning positive.

An early marriage Syndrome

Marriage is equally like jumping into a pit and getting yourself locked up there.

A thought that kept disturbing me with the initial thought of marriage. An early marriage syndrome, as I call it. The difficulty to get along things even though you are living with someone your parents chose for you for a lifetime. It is truly like a life insurance, you are happy to have it ,but find it difficult to pay the premium charges. 😉

The struggle of a newly married is like a facing a tornado because ones you are caught in , you are along with tornado knowing quite less how it will be outside. Sometimes you land up in total disaster or you end up in the happy ending kinds!

Anyways everything is just fate.

Totally unpredictable.

Early marriage is quite difficult to digest. I remember during my training batch when our tutor asked who all want to relocate to Bangalore , I raised my hand, As everyone was gazing at me, I announced the shocking news that I am engaged. To my surprise ,everybody was looking at me, as if I did some big sin.

I felt ashamed but at the same time,I was happy to say it too. It was quite the first time I was dealing with such an expression. I too had a mixed feeling. This went on until I got married when I started to ignore such comments.

Early marriage was like a tag which I carried along during my whole first three years. Everyone made fun of my total immaturity and wondered how my husband tolerated me. Anyways in the next span of years, these comments turned to be invalid ,at least I was working towards the success of our marriage.

In short Early marriage is a burden for both man as well as a woman. Moreover, they are the confused souls beginning the life . Marriage is continuous improvement of oneself delivering a better self to the other soul who is sharing the life with you working towards a single goal -to accomplish a successful partnership, a complete home.