Romance and Musings

Group chats that led to my passion

One fine day,as usual, stuck with my daily chores , I was browsing and taking a glimpse of my messages in my mobile , a usual routine in between my works, a message in a group which usually I ignore popped out. I replied to it ‘a yes’.

It was a call for my passion.

A move to make new friends in my apartment.

Something I hadn’t done for years I felt.

It was a dance program participation invitation from one of our resident in the apartment. At first, I was not sure whether I will be able to do it. Still, it was like a call from inside my soul. And I pushed hard towards the interest. Luckily I was able to do it and I enjoyed ,with the group.

A new beginning to my passion.I always loved dance, though am not a professional dancer. I felt that dance could bring out a few unsaid emotions in a graceful way.I enjoyed the bliss of dancing. It relieved my tensions and brought back the fresh memories of my school and college days. Those enjoyable days are short lived yet the memories are forever and ever.

We all practiced and enjoyed the performances of others and then it was the final pic of the day to keep the memories alive.The best part of group performances is that we get a bunch of friends who are almost alike us. The friendship always lives , thanks to the technologies that help us maintain it.

I wish I could do more such things that I always loved. Waiting for the right opportunity to knock on my door. 🙂
Keep your mind open ,we may never know what comes our way might change our life forever.