Romance and Musings

Returning to work-musing

Every woman who is on break from work wants to return to work. A lot of hardships are to be encountered before they get a beginning to work.

Firstly they have to convince their own mind, which is almost all the time boggling in its own labyrinth. The inner consciousness beats down the inspirations with the guilt of leaving other responsibilities at stake . In spite of having a lot many thoughts rumbling in her mind the struggle keeps continuing in her deep mind and finally either breaks her down to be at home always or make her struggle all her life , yet pursuing what she likes.

The thoughts never leave her ,as the society will keep critiquing her for everything. It’s like a burden in her mind, which she has struggled on her own. Most of the people who lives with her either admire the way she handles everything, little do they know how much she has broken down from inside. Every man needs a shoulder to rest on after their days work. It is the same with women too, give them a hand when they are struggling with all these workloads.

The second thought that keeps them away from the thought of returning to work is how is the new environment going to take her?

A simple thought may be she can let go. But most of the times it is not easier. The politics and the freshness of new work are very difficult to digest. At times we may lose our patience , wondering how to go about and get things balanced.

Every company works and claims that they will help to empower women , but little do they focus on minor details. Every company has so many projects and they just expect everyone to work , even if they have a man or a woman to work with. One way it’s a positive thing for everyone who aspires to work But more and more companies are bringing in the positivity of work-life balance.

Hope that more and more woman come to work with a positive note.