Romance and Musings

Live through the moments


Whenever I shout at my younger one she begins to get upset . She looks at my face and makes such a pity face that even if I try not to look deliberately , I generally glance at her. She looks at me and says ” Mamma , please smile like this” holding her lips pulling it two sides like a smile. If I don’t smile then she gets more upset.

As I smile , I can see thousands of flowers blooming in her eyes. I wonder what’s the happiness that blooms in her thoughts.

A smile can bring up a lot many emotions.

At times in these busy lives, we forget to smile for little things. To being with a smile that can bring out another smile is very difficult. A smile from within the heart can allure another smile. That is why we smile when a child smiles.

Sometimes when am totally lost ,both my lovely angels comes to me and I cannot resist hugging them. The feeling of being a mom is something I can feel then. Nothing can beat the empowering feel that gets transferred when we hug our kids.

Even if the whole world doesn’t need us, the only hug by our kids, is just to make us realise how much we are needed by them. Everything is set straight with that. Whatever emotional turmoil we go through, a child is enough for an answer. The time and effort we spend in nurturing them watching them grow are some of the unforgettable moments in life.

Time plays a crucial role in our life, ones gone is gone forever. Be happy ,smile and enjoy with the kids, rest all can be taken care of. I guess the best part of my life was with my kids, where in I re-lived my childhood.All the energy I have now to be a strong mom is gained through the second chances of being a kid again and enjoying the little things around me.

Never loose your opportunity to smile and live the moment.