Romance and Musings

Travel diary

A familiar route to our home and back to our native which we usually take up caught my attention recently. The road is very clear , the route is regular yet at times nature plays a wonderful magic that the beauty is at times never faded away and at times keeps floating right in front of our eyes.

As we pass by the villages and towns en route to Cochin, I was browsing through a book and in between gazing out the window of the speeding car. Usually, in a hurry and at a time due to tiredness, I used to doze off rather than gazing out. I realized I missed a few beautiful parts of the route. At times even spotted peacocks ,somewhere , I guess I don’t know the name of the place.

The farm lands in the villages encapsulated by the rocky terrains which are almost covered in bushes which are hardly green brightened by the sunlight in the early morning are truly engaging. I keep gazing on the roads and found a board where it was written to drive safe, elephants crossing. I kept gazing up the majestic hill locks which were covered in greenery in an eagerness to spot an elephant. Of course, I cannot. !! Just trying with luck.

Finally, as we were approaching the fantastic Kerala , nature changed and beauty was spellbinding. The vet stretch of the Western Ghats that makes us feel like an ant in front of them gigantic walls of mountains , yet beautiful. The grass is green, the trees are greener and luscious . The sky is perfectly blue.

I love my place. Nothing can beat the beauty of our own place.