Compete to yourself

Am not a person who loves competition. I always admire who are better than me and there are many who are profoundly better than what I am. I learn from them , not to be like them, just trying to imply it in my own way.

During my school days, the biggest trouble for me was to write down the answer in the same way in the textbook. Totally impossible it was. I just wanted to be out of school and do something. The only thought that was pondering my mind was just to be someone important and accomplish what I think was impossible for me.

Everyone thought I was a lazy person, quite underestimated me, but that was my inspiration to my focus. I wanted to improvise what I was and in every step am doing it. I hated criticism always , but then later realized that was the burning fire that was making me run towards my goal.

Learn every day from anyone you see around you, might be a common man on the street or a someone who pass by while you cross the road. Anyone can bring in the motivation as simple as the tiniest ant.

Smile and wake up, win over your alarm and grab the tiniest opportunities that you can find around you. Network and be a part of things you always dreamt of doing. WE may not know opportunity comes in which way.

I even tell my kids never to be someone else , imitating someone is not the right way to be what you want. I see parents and grandparents comparing kids from the very minute they are born complaining about things not at all controllable by us – oh the baby is black, the kid is small, the kid is big, the baby doesn’t talk, the kid talks more , blah blah and much more.

I wonder what benefit do they get from all these. Hope people change their attitude for the best. Teach your kids to be good not to compete and win over from what they were the day before rather than teaching them to be someone else. Let them pursue what they want rather than be guided to do what we want them to do.

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