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Working from home- not a cake walk

Everybody thinks that working from home would be more comfortable and easier to handle your job and home at the same time.

Is it so?

How many of you agree with the thought of it?

How well have you managed work and home?

Is it comfortable or double trouble?

I guess for there pros and cons for the same .

For me, the option of working at home is a soothing thought but yet we have to deal with a lot of pressure.At times the scale doesn’t balance well. Handling a baby, a school going kid and the work plus all the normal chores of the house was not an easy thing.

In the initial times , I wondered how would I swim through this strong current without loosing my mind and patience( which was indeed quite less) . It took me some time to equip to the idea of working because of the long gap. Yet the work was satisfactory and I still enjoy it the same way as I started .

The best part of it have I learned a different portion of me, which was never known to me.

I was a planner – I planned everything quite well ahead to meet the deadlines.

I was quite a multitasked- As every other woman I learned to hold a kid on my lap and do my work and teach my Lil school goer too.

I am an early starter- I guess ,being in school was the last time I had woken up earlier that after n number of kicks from my home. Now atlas two alarms are enough for me.

I guess much more will be added to my list of making a new me out of all these.

The best part is, now am earning and I can still be with my kids. It is not easy.

But yet, If it was easy ,I would have run away from it long ago. With toughness comes the enthusiasm to do and accomplish things .