Romance and Musings

You matter :)

Do you know how it is to be all left alone when you have all your loved ones near you and you are surrounded by everything you need ,still you feel empty ?

The toughest emotion to deal with is

how worthy are you at times? or maybe to yourself?

The frustration of feeling lost and empty is quite painful ,it is like you are eaten up slowly and steadily and one day you just blow out even with the trigger of a small prick. Others might not know what exactly you might be going through , but your heart is rusted and the only shiny portion of the rust can be seen. To the outer world you are a completely devoted person ,but inside you have crushed your dreams, wishes, and many more unspoken words.

A true dilemma that keeps creeping into one’s mind ,its is hard to get out of it. These emotions are not truly justifiable to many , it is just that you are stressed and need love and attention.

There are many proven methods that help , but patience is the key to it.

The best medicine for all your illness, your depressions and the mind games that keeps creeping your heart is to relax and enjoy the moment.

Be happy with what you are; may be fat, dark, fair, beautiful, intelligent , scared, confident or anything in the whole world . You are made like that for a reason ,everyone is special to someone always and forever. To realize that ,it takes ages.

But ones you realize, then it is your world.

Never be let down with anyone’s words and deed, no one can hurt you other than you yourself.