Romance and Musings

Desperate need to come back

When there is a long gap in anything you have been doing and then stopped doing those , there comes a moment of desperation to do it.

It’s is not just work – but everything.

Past few weeks as I was talking to many women who shared similar thoughts to mine , I understood that we all were thinking alike, the desperation , the need to be something or someone. That’s on everyone’s mind , but to get through that it is quite difficult but not impossible. So never loose heart.

We all have some kind of responsibility in life ,which how much ever we turned down, we will end up doing . If I see my home messy, I will clean ones when am in desperation to clean. (which is hardly ever) . The only thing we need to have is confidence and a belief in yourself.

Never let your depression overshadows your mind . For women who too ka break for child care and another family responsibility, be proud that you have done it and it was a right decision. Never let the thoughts of burden cloud your mind.

It is not easy.

But again for us ,it is not difficult too.

Maybe for few years your life is revolving around the lil ones or your loved ones, that means you are not wasting your life- you are the most important person in their life .Be it a child or an elderly.

For me , my kids are my world and am happy that I devoted my time to them, learning a lot from them.

Be proud moms for you are what you are born to be and you will be what you should be and want to be, give time and have patience.

Romance and Musings

Vrat-Vow , resolve and devotion

As I was a movie buff and loved all the Bollywood movies, Karvachauth was not an unknown term to me. I always wondered how someone could starve for the whole day and then stay up until they see the moon and their dear husband just to get a sip of water and food.

It was strange, but even in the south we too had some similar kind of Vrat but no fasting. Like girls solicited to take Vrat on Mondays to get a wonderful husband- wondering how many of them got those.

These traditions always fascinated me. Another question that pops out was , why don’t men have any fast ? I don’t think men are weak , they are strong as they cannot show their emotions like women.

Are they supposed just to bear the burden of getting just anyone or get someone devoted to their life after doing so many such Vrat ?

The rituals are interesting , but i feel like questioning them. I wanted reasons .

Whatever Vrat, we take, it’s just fate – a good wife or a good husband.

In marriage, I guess the parts played by a man and woman are important to make a marriage functional. I guess even strong feminist woman even forget their feminism and devote themselves to the celebration of KarvaChauth.

For a man who dedicates and love his wife, even if he didn’t take any Vrat to get her into his life, what he must do it to ensure that he be present in all the happiness and hardships in her life. The same is relevant for a woman too. The dedication one takes to devote to the vows , is the true Vrat.

A vrat, devotion and sticking to vows is tough , yet can pursue with pure dedication and love. What men must do on this Karva Chauth is to be with their wives and enjoy the day and strengthening their mind to complete the days fast and even for a lifetime.

A woman’s strength lies in how well can she keep her family stronger and happier together. The bondage of love . A toast to all strong couples who are fasting together to keep the vows of their marriage .