Romance and Musings

Thoughts of a clouded mind

Definitely not me, because am a lazy person t think.

Even in my earlier days when my thoughts were not even pre=occupied in anything, I was lazy to think. For me, I act in the instant rather than thinking a lot about it and doing nothing. It always wondered me ,why people think too much. As am living with someone who thinks a lot, I now feel I need to improve on that part.

As a kid in school , in examination halls, I had done such stupidity of not writing a deep essay ,as I have to think. Thinking makes me sleep. And happened many times to me. Am more like a talkative one, and I keep talking to myself so that I don’t give a gap to my head to think.

YEs, of course, thinking is advisory, but I hate when I think too much. The brain is quite crooked to bring in thoughts to your mind, which is unimaginable . Thinking at times makes things complicated. When we are in pain , the thoughts about the present and the past works together blackening thoughts and making you wonder in dismay.

At times we need to look out for perfect things. If you see the sunset, think it with a different perspective. Even as the sun sets ,the rays are perfectly radiant out into the sky , bringing out a golden border line to the clouds. The beauty is precisely unsaid . The sun sets with the hope of bringing in a new day to you in the next morning .

Starting afresh ,doing more and thinking less at times. Hope for the best every morning, even if you have a bad day, there might be something always in a day to make you happier. Every failure is a blessing, as it takes you further in your journey to achieve better ones ahead.