Romance and Musings

Your life- your choice

Any moment in our life, one must never ever lose is their confidence.

Confidence  is a plus factor that lets you succeed even when thousands of hurdles come across in our life ,we might even encounter things which we are not even familiar to do well with. Still, our self-belief is the only factor that will help us surpass all the obstacles and challenges. 

Some times, we lose our souls, we feel lost in some world where you don’t even see the sunshine or a moonlight. Every person goes this stage and it is a huge struggle to back into a single piece. 

The time when we feel lonely , we confuse our souls too much rather than convince. The convincing part is quite complicated ,as it sometimes just requires a small trigger. That trigger is our confidence which can be configured in various ways.

  •  Talk to someone you feel like.
  • Keep networking.
  • Learn a new skill, upskill yourself every now and then.
  • Never feel that you are alone, there are many who are suffering more than you ,yet keeping up a smile.
  • Decorate yourself with a smile. a smile can do wonders. 
  • Bring in positivity ,be it appreciating something you cooked.
  • Do what you feel like doing always.
  • Remember Age is just a number, ignore it.So never say you are old enough for it.

Life is a choice we choose from all our beloved things to do list. Being a wife, a mom everything is  a choice we choose. One can be desperate to do things one like but never get depressed when you don’t do it. Remember you are always counted on by someone who dearly loves you to the core. At every new stage ,do with your heart . Face it with you smile ,and you will see things turning positive.

Romance and Musings

An early marriage Syndrome

Marriage is equally like jumping into a pit and getting yourself locked up there.

A thought that kept disturbing me with the initial thought of marriage. An early marriage syndrome, as I call it. The difficulty to get along things even though you are living with someone your parents chose for you for a lifetime. It is truly like a life insurance, you are happy to have it ,but find it difficult to pay the premium charges. 😉

The struggle of a newly married is like a facing a tornado because ones you are caught in , you are along with tornado knowing quite less how it will be outside. Sometimes you land up in total disaster or you end up in the happy ending kinds!

Anyways everything is just fate.

Totally unpredictable.

Early marriage is quite difficult to digest. I remember during my training batch when our tutor asked who all want to relocate to Bangalore , I raised my hand, As everyone was gazing at me, I announced the shocking news that I am engaged. To my surprise ,everybody was looking at me, as if I did some big sin.

I felt ashamed but at the same time,I was happy to say it too. It was quite the first time I was dealing with such an expression. I too had a mixed feeling. This went on until I got married when I started to ignore such comments.

Early marriage was like a tag which I carried along during my whole first three years. Everyone made fun of my total immaturity and wondered how my husband tolerated me. Anyways in the next span of years, these comments turned to be invalid ,at least I was working towards the success of our marriage.

In short Early marriage is a burden for both man as well as a woman. Moreover, they are the confused souls beginning the life . Marriage is continuous improvement of oneself delivering a better self to the other soul who is sharing the life with you working towards a single goal -to accomplish a successful partnership, a complete home.

Romance and Musings

A lesson learned

It was a normal day of school.

As she returned home , got down from the bus under her building and walk towards the lift as usual gazing here and there. Shining her water bottle high up in the air as if she is going to hit someone. Her eyes kept googling around the spaces in shops and other nearby people. She just looked up to the window and saw her dad looking down at her and waving his hand.

She was relieved .

It was like a powerful shelter covering her and protecting her.

She vastly climbed up the steps and was waiting for the lift to come down. As soon as she was about to enter , an elderly man approached the lift too from nowhere. She looked at him with her strong gray eyes from top to bottom. Analyzing every aspect. He was dressed like an Arab , but he was not fair. Dark skinned and reddish eyes.

She got little scared , but she opened the lift and entered. The old man tagged along too. She pressed the buttons and kept praying for the lift to reach sooner , in between her twinkling eyes threw a gaze on him. He was smiling. She pretended to be calm, but from inside her heart was pounding thousand times.

As soon was the lift reached her floor, she could figure out her dad was waiting at the door. She relaxed, now she is safe hands. She came out and hug her dad and was about to say how was her day.

The old man asked her dad ” Is it your daughter?”

Her father replied ” Yes , she is my daughter”

The old man blessed the girl saying , ” I too have a daughter , she is the greatest blessing of my life.”

Her dad was happy to hear it and she too blushed . She realized that an appearance is not the factor of judgment.

Romance and Musings

Take a break and Njoy!!


Am not branding the Ad for KitKat, but I always loved this tagline. Actually falling in love with it every now and then. 

Am a kind of person who loves to keep herself busy all the time, yet of course find time for my lovely Lil angels in  my life.  Even though we feel like we are running faster , at a time, we are like the person in the moving train ,who visualizes that the outside world is moving along with us. Many times it happened to me, that I keep wondering where am I heading to. No specific interests ,n o goals, just the normal mundane works which we do. The thought was quite distracting.

But again the universal law ” things are not constant” ,implies right here . We are never constantly stuck, never constantly working , it’s just a part of life. Taking a break out of it is not a sin. A break helps  you analyze how far we have come across through the rough terrains in life. Taking a sneak peak into your past and realizing your accomplishments which you must have thought at one point that cannot be achieved , is a great way to walk ahead. 

Many people take a break from work, due to many reasons predicted and unforeseen. But the best part those who went on a break will surely return with a bang. Our society appreciates anyone who sacrifices their own interest selflessly for others. Yes!! That is interesting , most of the times as a Mom , taking care of my kids when they need me the most makes me feel proud of what I am.

The break is never a harm, it is also like a brushing up period, where you can polish your dreams, your learning and then go forward. Age is not a bar to accomplish the dreams you have dreamt for. A goal is important ,for the survival. Aimless wandering is not the key to your life. You hold the key to your life , it is just that at times we act as if we don’t see the key hung up on our key hanger. 

Being reluctant to anything doesn’t help. Hence learn and keep learning. For all those who are on breaks, utilize the time to revamp yourself and get back with a BANG!