Romance and Musings

An early marriage Syndrome

Marriage is equally like jumping into a pit and getting yourself locked up there.

A thought that kept disturbing me with the initial thought of marriage. An early marriage syndrome, as I call it. The difficulty to get along things even though you are living with someone your parents chose for you for a lifetime. It is truly like a life insurance, you are happy to have it ,but find it difficult to pay the premium charges. 😉

The struggle of a newly married is like a facing a tornado because ones you are caught in , you are along with tornado knowing quite less how it will be outside. Sometimes you land up in total disaster or you end up in the happy ending kinds!

Anyways everything is just fate.

Totally unpredictable.

Early marriage is quite difficult to digest. I remember during my training batch when our tutor asked who all want to relocate to Bangalore , I raised my hand, As everyone was gazing at me, I announced the shocking news that I am engaged. To my surprise ,everybody was looking at me, as if I did some big sin.

I felt ashamed but at the same time,I was happy to say it too. It was quite the first time I was dealing with such an expression. I too had a mixed feeling. This went on until I got married when I started to ignore such comments.

Early marriage was like a tag which I carried along during my whole first three years. Everyone made fun of my total immaturity and wondered how my husband tolerated me. Anyways in the next span of years, these comments turned to be invalid ,at least I was working towards the success of our marriage.

In short Early marriage is a burden for both man as well as a woman. Moreover, they are the confused souls beginning the life . Marriage is continuous improvement of oneself delivering a better self to the other soul who is sharing the life with you working towards a single goal -to accomplish a successful partnership, a complete home.

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