Romance and Musings

Take a break and Njoy!!


Am not branding the Ad for KitKat, but I always loved this tagline. Actually falling in love with it every now and then. 

Am a kind of person who loves to keep herself busy all the time, yet of course find time for my lovely Lil angels in  my life.  Even though we feel like we are running faster , at a time, we are like the person in the moving train ,who visualizes that the outside world is moving along with us. Many times it happened to me, that I keep wondering where am I heading to. No specific interests ,n o goals, just the normal mundane works which we do. The thought was quite distracting.

But again the universal law ” things are not constant” ,implies right here . We are never constantly stuck, never constantly working , it’s just a part of life. Taking a break out of it is not a sin. A break helps  you analyze how far we have come across through the rough terrains in life. Taking a sneak peak into your past and realizing your accomplishments which you must have thought at one point that cannot be achieved , is a great way to walk ahead. 

Many people take a break from work, due to many reasons predicted and unforeseen. But the best part those who went on a break will surely return with a bang. Our society appreciates anyone who sacrifices their own interest selflessly for others. Yes!! That is interesting , most of the times as a Mom , taking care of my kids when they need me the most makes me feel proud of what I am.

The break is never a harm, it is also like a brushing up period, where you can polish your dreams, your learning and then go forward. Age is not a bar to accomplish the dreams you have dreamt for. A goal is important ,for the survival. Aimless wandering is not the key to your life. You hold the key to your life , it is just that at times we act as if we don’t see the key hung up on our key hanger. 

Being reluctant to anything doesn’t help. Hence learn and keep learning. For all those who are on breaks, utilize the time to revamp yourself and get back with a BANG! 

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