Romance and Musings

Care and Share

Something I keep telling my kids to do. And worth doing ourselves too. 

From childhood, I was someone so much driven by emotions. I feel like helping everyone  I could. And at times , I was even fooled, yet I never felt like taking revenge. I always told myself that ,” I was fooled just because it was a fault to trust everyone, not because they were good enough to fool me around” . To my luck, the blessing of everyone who loved me has never let me fail. 

At times these thoughts about being fooled around make me feel that I should not let my kids fall into such traps. Then again , the strong mommy in me ,whispers in my mind ” Calm down dear, you are not alone.” 

Caring and sharing are selfless emotions, claiming on doing so and returning something in return make it more commercial. Hence I tell my kids , to share things , which I don’t know how far it is reaching their souls . Even though they fight with each other for each and everything, in the end, they compromise. The sight of it is quite relaxing. 

I always loved to share whatever information I receive ,especially  the beneficial ones. And I always found joy in doing so. I don’t expect anything in return too. I always enjoyed being helpful for someone , it a joy of living.

I know I cannot teach my kids this, it is a lesson they need to get themselves. Attest I can just portray an example for them, as I had learned from my mom. 

Give and you earn the blessing to live happier.