Romance and Musings

A peaceful cup of Tea- is all you need


A random conversation with my friend in my walk time landed up in this post. Making me realize how important is to have a good cup of tea in a peaceful environment.

Yea- Peaceful !! With two lil naughty kids at home , an unimaginable part.

I guess it’s being days for such an instance, actually, I don’t have tea when they are not around ,and hence no peaceful.

The best time to have a Tea is morning time, when the world around me silent ( other than some bore well diggers in and around who are disrupting my peace more often). It quite impossible to have a full cup of Chai , over time something or the other comes up and I get busy and my cup awaits me all the time.

Even as I write now, my cup is kind of waiting for the sip.

As I sip another portion, I remembered ,how my kids are having a cup of milk came to my mind . My elder one is quite responsible, she finishes a glass over time I hand it over to her , other than at a time when she fusses around the creamy layer on the milk.

Second one …OOOh ! Unimaginable.

The glass has unending wait..alwayss.

She takes a glass of milk, walking around spilling everywhere on the way, as if she is marking some tracks on her path ,and finally as she reaches the living room , places the cup right at the edge of the sofa.

Then comes the part ,where she is climbing up the sofa, in order to sit n relax, but unfortunately, tats not relaxing for me, as I keep my hand right on my heart watching her climb up , just to see that she don’t hit the glass.

Most of the times, it ends up in a furry time , and I get irritated. She had a spill the milk multiple times, almost a full glass. I feel like punishing by not giving ,but then sooner or later you will find me with a full glass of milk behind her.

All these times, my Chai would be waiting. The terrible wait for my cup is unending.