A peaceful cup of Tea- is all you need


A random conversation with my friend in my walk time landed up in this post. Making me realize how important is to have a good cup of tea in a peaceful environment.

Yea- Peaceful !! With two lil naughty kids at home , an unimaginable part.

I guess it’s being days for such an instance, actually, I don’t have tea when they are not around ,and hence no peaceful.

The best time to have a Tea is morning time, when the world around me silent ( other than some bore well diggers in and around who are disrupting my peace more often). It quite impossible to have a full cup of Chai , over time something or the other comes up and I get busy and my cup awaits me all the time.

Even as I write now, my cup is kind of waiting for the sip.

As I sip another portion, I remembered ,how my kids are having a cup of milk came to my mind . My elder one is quite responsible, she finishes a glass over time I hand it over to her , other than at a time when she fusses around the creamy layer on the milk.

Second one …OOOh ! Unimaginable.

The glass has unending wait..alwayss.

She takes a glass of milk, walking around spilling everywhere on the way, as if she is marking some tracks on her path ,and finally as she reaches the living room , places the cup right at the edge of the sofa.

Then comes the part ,where she is climbing up the sofa, in order to sit n relax, but unfortunately, tats not relaxing for me, as I keep my hand right on my heart watching her climb up , just to see that she don’t hit the glass.

Most of the times, it ends up in a furry time , and I get irritated. She had a spill the milk multiple times, almost a full glass. I feel like punishing by not giving ,but then sooner or later you will find me with a full glass of milk behind her.

All these times, my Chai would be waiting. The terrible wait for my cup is unending.

8 thoughts on “A peaceful cup of Tea- is all you need”

  1. Priya, Good Morning! Thankfully I don’t drink tea. So there’s no cup for me to wait but when I wake up in the morning I hate to be disturbed in anyway. There should not be any talking or moving around but just some quiet time at least for 30 minutes with myself and my mobile. Till that time I stay extremely grumpy and then I come out of that unusual part of me to the usual jovial mood. 😂

    A beautiful way to talk about your routine morning saga. Very well written.

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  2. Haaa Priya.. I can imagine that part where you hold yourself back from deciding what to hold – the milk glass from spilling or Gopu from falling. .you concentrate on one and the other falls! 😀 It’s a rollercoaster till they decide to be careful to have a better grab on things..

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