Romance and Musings

Happy Diwali



Twinkling everywhere .

The lights of Deepawali has well lit the places and houses. The cute little diyas(lamps) and the decoration lights of all shapes and length are just filling up the places. From my nest, I could notice all these beautifully decorated houses and in the evenings the sparkles of the crackers up in the sky.

The festive season is indeed the best.

My kids love watching the lights decorated in a house and my younger one keeps her voice all modulated in the highest tone that my ears blast when she says ” Mamma lights “. The excitement is all in their eyes and the tone just make me excited too. I love the idea of lighting small lamps across the balcony railings and the well-lit house in that cute light is just amazing.

Even today before the onset of Diwali, the crackers bursting here and there and I can hear the howling of dogs , and the birds flying away scared with the sound . I do feel bad about scaring the animals .

Far from my nest ,I could hear the sounds of crackers even in the daylight. The nightfall is the best time to enjoy the beauty of lights. A stroll across the street would be an ideal way to explore the beautiful lighting and the decorated streets.

Diwali is the best time to munch on some sweets, and yes, of course, I do it more often. Waiting to buy more sweets and enjoy crackers and lights with my Diwali celebration.

Enjoy your Diwali and be safe too.

Happy Diwali!!!