Alive …..with music

Of late, I have forgotten many things I just loved doing. It’s almost time I started doing the same again , and fall in love with myself again and again.

I loved to dance a lot when no one is watching ,projecting my emotions in my dance was quite easier. I always had the interest of doing everything I loved with a background music. I used to feel the ignition within myself, whenever the music is played.

Dance is a passion which I always pursued as a child. Music in my ears keeps vibrating my soul , and am much more crazy, much more energetic and much more. I could dance and finish off my work and even relax a lot.

Am not a perfect dancer , but I dance for myself. Reminds me of those days ,when I used to study with my favorite songs in my background. I loved all kinds of songs – language is not a barrier to love any songs.

Another day, when my Lil one was off to school, I wanted to try it along . And I dinged into my playlists of old and my recent favorites . As I danced in the emptiness of the room , everything around me I felt was just dancing along with me, swinging along and holding me together. I felt that my soul was refreshed. I could dance a bit the same way I used to do years back. As I put on the songs, the beats were like hitting my heart and it was pounding as if I was coming alive.

The vibe in the room ,was so lively, even with a hurting foot , I didn’t want to stop doing what I loved to do. As my daughter came home ,we did a few steps together. Yea ! am a Lil shy person to dance at times , but it is just a starting trouble. I always felt that I used to take a step back in most of the thing I loved doing .But if accidentally am in , Am sure I can do it in any ways.

The magic of music and dance is unimaginable. Live Again with the beats.