A pinch of advice from an amateur one

Brought up by a strong mom , am very much inclined to the thought that women should be independent. I have always grown up watching my mom struggle with school,kids and home. Every another story of women who work is the same. The struggle keeps continuing even until the end of life. No women change nor men . So the story continues the same way. Either man is reluctant to help their struggling wife due to pride, time or they just don’t want to. When the case comes to managing home and work, it is always the women who are at stake. 

I was not ready to put my  dreams on a stake, hence took up what came up my own way. Even though I was not prepared or even dreamt about it, I took the power to decide that whatever comes my way is the best for me. And of course am happy to do it. 

Ones I discovered my path, the satisfaction level in my life has always doubled. Even a penny I earn is just perfectly enough for me. 

I request all women who are on break or not even started their work, to do something they are always good at. I have seen many women in my village , who even worked part time jobs to earn enough to complete their studies. There are many kids who go to school and take up part-time jobs during vacations to help their parents. 

Even though a majority of us have never gone through such difficulties, we need to learn a lot from them.  Always strive to do what you are good it , even if it is as good as stitching or any other kind of art. Nowadays there is no limit for marketing your work. Social media is the best platform , where even an amateur can flourish. 

Never give up because you are old enough. Age is never a barrier for doing good for yourself. Retirement is just a break away from one work, if you enjoy something else ,then keep doing it. 

For all those women who never got an opportunity to  start working on due to new responsibilities , take up something that will keep you happy, other than household work.

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Article updated on 10/29/16

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“Makeshift” your aspirations

I remember the time when I started my career in Testing , everything was good and fine. I felt I enjoyed it too and of course learning a lot was an integral part of it, but again I felt I was lacking something. Again another year went by, I had more responsibilities on my personal front as well as official. Yet ! the void in work continued. The joy was dead on the job other than few good friends nothing just motivated me to go to work.

Finally, I did leave and was lost in Parenthood. A new way of life changed all the perspective. The thought of leaving for a job ,without seeing my kid for hours was indeed painful so, instead of taking up the pain, I just thought stopped the thought of getting back to work.

A new world of writing came lingering into my thoughts then. I tried blogging but was not a professional yet. Yet there was fun, relaxation, happiness and more over a satisfaction that ran across me.

Again with the second one, parenting was more fun, an extreme weary task , yet their smiles just brought smiles on my face. So it was for sure that I never wanted to leave them and go away anywhere at any point. It was my true selfishness to be their mom and be with them that kept me away from anything I did.

Finally with the random motivational hint that came from the thought of making a career was bothering me and almost made survival a question , to my luck instead of asking I was given a job.


I was sure – that was the turning point in my whole set of thought. I never knew I would be so happy to work in this way in the comfort of my home, watching my kids grow up right in front my eyes( Indeed need more eyes, to focus on work as well as kids).

And I was happy to make a change to my life goals. I am proud of what I did because I realized “I AM HAPPY , And CONTENT” . So finally all the troubles and weary thoughts were never gone wasted.
Everyone’s life has a path, and whatever happens, you end up doing what you are supposed to do in life. No matter what happens.