Perseverance : How do I want to teach?

After my last post on winning had a thoughtful conversation with my friend, and am Thankful to her to make me think about it.

How do I want to teach my kids perseverance ?

As I said in my previous post , I feel there should not be any competition , but it is a helpless part ,as everyone wants to win over others and get what ever they want in life. To teach my kid, I would prefer a healthy method, without hurting anybody’s wishes and aims. 

Everyone is born different ,so why compete?

I kept thinking that, we can try to be someone else , but does it really make us them, No . So we keep our own individuality, we all are born different to make the world complete not to compete. Ones we realize the fact , then we don’t fight for things.

I want my kids to try and get what they want, but trying doesn’t mean they are fighting with others to get it. We fight with our selves to be better next time. A healthy competition should be within our selves , to make ourselves better . As a mom , I would prefer , that my kids learn to accept even failures. I would appreciate that my kids know that the world out there has wonderful opportunities, that will suit their interests and talent.

Few things I want to put up for my kids :

1.Include a goal for your life; to help you know what you need.
2. Keep trying to reach the goal .
3. Winning or losing is not important but keep trying.
4. If it is not for you, just leave it, there are better things to do.
5. Never regret of wasting time: since you have tried ,you didn’t waste your time, you are exploring.

As a parent, I feel my responsibility to make them understand, how to channelize their way to live their life to the fullest. Every parent has a unique style ,and every parent does the best for their kids , there is no doubt. Personally, I feel ,if am forcing my child to do something, am just cloning another one , rather than building her own character.

Appreciating that your child has kept trying, is important to make the child feel that we as parents are with them ,and they do not loose their confidence.

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