Alive …..with music

Of late, I have forgotten many things I just loved doing. It’s almost time I started doing the same again , and fall in love with myself again and again.

I loved to dance a lot when no one is watching ,projecting my emotions in my dance was quite easier. I always had the interest of doing everything I loved with a background music. I used to feel the ignition within myself, whenever the music is played.

Dance is a passion which I always pursued as a child. Music in my ears keeps vibrating my soul , and am much more crazy, much more energetic and much more. I could dance and finish off my work and even relax a lot.

Am not a perfect dancer , but I dance for myself. Reminds me of those days ,when I used to study with my favorite songs in my background. I loved all kinds of songs – language is not a barrier to love any songs.

Another day, when my Lil one was off to school, I wanted to try it along . And I dinged into my playlists of old and my recent favorites . As I danced in the emptiness of the room , everything around me I felt was just dancing along with me, swinging along and holding me together. I felt that my soul was refreshed. I could dance a bit the same way I used to do years back. As I put on the songs, the beats were like hitting my heart and it was pounding as if I was coming alive.

The vibe in the room ,was so lively, even with a hurting foot , I didn’t want to stop doing what I loved to do. As my daughter came home ,we did a few steps together. Yea ! am a Lil shy person to dance at times , but it is just a starting trouble. I always felt that I used to take a step back in most of the thing I loved doing .But if accidentally am in , Am sure I can do it in any ways.

The magic of music and dance is unimaginable. Live Again with the beats.

I need my mom-always and forever


Yes , am proud to say that am a mommy’s girl. It doesn’t mean that I never fight with her, but I love her the most in my whole world. She is my role model, she is my guide, mentor, teacher, a mother and what not .

Though I am running my family in a different world ,which is almost my nest, but my home and my mom is the world’s safest place for me. My days start with the messages from her, gone are the days when I used to be called up to wake up by my mom. I used to remember those days quite well enough, my school and college days when she was my alarm. Now am the alarm- a mom in the making.

I can never be like her, though I adore her so much. I wish I could be at least a little perfect like her. Even though I pose a stronger side of me to everyone , at times when am alone and feeling pain- I miss her the most.

A mom can never be replaced – the minute I call her, even miles apart, her words are comforting . Even though far away, her voice is like a soft touch on my soul, making me relax- whispering in my ears – relax dear the world is not running away- be calm.

She is the motivational factor who lets me do and conquer things which I never dreamt of ever in my life. She is like my heaven to me, where I can relax and enjoy being a child again. Everything good or bad- I want to share it with her first. There is more fun in being with her- I love the long walk to temples gossiping about everything and anything in the whole world.

Her talks make me calm and pleasant-else am too irritating usually. 🙂

I wonder what would I do- if she is not taking care of me and my family. The pillar of my home and an engineer to my home. I admit I cry at times when I miss her a lot and fuss over the phone when I am not able to reach her. Thanks to technology at least being far away- am able to hear her voice and even see her.

I wish I could be a mom like her, I know I don’t have the pinch of patience,creativity or feeling as much as she has. But of course, worth trying .


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A day – not at all apt for me

From morning , in a hurry burry I finished all the household work, which anyways I have to finish before my kid is off to school. With a severe toothache and headache ,I slept a lot yesterday, yet morning was not fresh enough as I thought it would be.

As I was wrapping up every work in the kitchen, my younger one woke up and came to me. But to her surprise, her mom was too busy to even say a ” good morning to her” . Later for which I felt bad too. Yet the complaining and rush kept on going till , I some way managed to finish up the packings and getting them ready for school.

I ran and to my surprise, the bus was quite early and waiting for us there, which is most of the times the other way round. As soon as I came back home after dropping her to school, I was damn tired, and the breakfast not even inviting to me, since I made Upma which was never enough reaching the standards of my mom’s cooking. For a moment I missed her a lot.

Still ,hunger is not a compromising part ,hence I ate what was left over. Finally, as I sat there wondering what to do, even thought I have lot many pending things to do .In such thoughts I wondered my mind away and was lost in front of the TV , even though I was not watching much, and started looking into the pages of my FB, yet found nothing interesting much.

In the end, I just wanted my younger one to sleep so that I could take a nap too . Not to my surprise, she was full of energy and not ready to sleep. ( AT that moment I thought I could have sent her to school, anyways too late to think).

The moment I asked her to sleep after lunch, she will start playing around even if she is damn sleepy. Finally, when I convinced her to bed, she wanted to go to the toilet, and that two times. At last, I was almost lost- no patience, all sleepy and tired. I told her am off to sleep.

Again she came and lied down beside me, jumping from one side to the other,doing what not to make me irritated. Finally an hour back she slept and not for surprise – AM WIDE AWAKE!!

Why is it that when we want something it never comes to us, and when it happens, we are even least bothered about it?

Interesting but the fact. May be I need to convince myself at times and learn to accept the things as it comes rather than demanding for them. I guess this is a very common situation in anyone’s life. I remember as a kid , I used to fight with my brother for the remote to watch movies and songs while he had some weird tastes. But now when am all alone ,I seriously don’t have any thing to watch. Sarcasm !