Romance and Musings

In search of those eyes -that contained her


Everywhere there were loud noises and laughter,

the room was filled with chit chats, smiles, and friendly gestures

even then she felt the emptiness in her heart

the room was filled with people

yet her eyes searched for someone

her heart and eye searched for that single connection that she longed for

the craving for getting one sight was at its highest

when their eyes met, her heart stopped

she knew what was her search, and it ended right there, where her eyes could focus

it was hard to take her eyes off those eyes where there was unconditional love

love overflowing from the eyes, she could feel the need for her in those eyes

she held her child and looked deep into the eyes, she could see her reflection
Even seconds away from her baby was a torture for her

she whispered her name in her ears, and then she hugged her ….as if there is no other day to love her

it was like god pronouncing her mom and daughter ….a life long relation

that has an impeccable beauty, unbeatable by any love in the world.

A relation where none is taken for granted.

a love that is in its purest form

Being a mom holding her baby in her arms, was the happiest moment in her life.

Romance and Musings

And they fell in love


The air was dense,

her teary eyes were overfilled

but resistant to flow away from her eyes

All she wanted was near her,

All she ever wished was in her arms

yet, the feeling of staying away made her cry

she wished that this was real

everything around seemed to vanish away when she had him near her

all felt right and everything else seemed to be wrong

She fought, she loved and she cared

her heart could beat infinite times when she felt being loved

she was crossed her limits in loving and falling in love

falling in love was like magic

no limits, no rules and finally she was carefree

their hearts flew together, like flocking together away into the clouds

where none saw them or looked for them,

but their eyes were locked up with each other

they were celebrating love

Romance and Musings

Being mom the second time is indeed a blessing


I do recollect the time, when we were waiting for your arrival, the long wait ended today three years back, when we added one more flower to our family garden.

I do recollect the time, when your sister waited keenly keeping her ears closer to my belly, to feel you,

you were welcomed with great smiles and warm hands

You came and conquered our lives with your naughty smile and impressive eyes

Time is running faster, out of my hands.

yet am falling in love with every moment

You brought a different perspective to my life. You gave me challenging perspective of parenting, giving me a touch of all the different levels of tantrums from low to high.

The way you held me closer to yourself whenever you loved me

the way you hug me and kiss me

showering all your love

making me feel special

expressing every tiny bit of emotion you tiny heart and eyes could hold

the way you need me all the time, doing everything to grab my attention

the way you put together all your naughtiness and love mixed up in a smile

Oh, my lovely little girl, you make me fall in love with my life of being a mom a little more than everyday

You managed to deviate my parenting goals to fit into your perspectives and impress me that I have done right for you

The mother in me is all awake for you, loving you more and more every second

The feeling of being blessed to be an angel’s mom is my gratitude

I wish I could hold the time, and cuddle you forever like this.

I know it’s easy for you to convince me of anything…with your naughty smile

oh, my darling, who changed the perspective of me being a mom, including challenges worth taking …at times making it a precious moment to cherish.

I love being your mother too…as I loved being a mom for the first time

Thank you for being my daughter who added more colors to my life, along with your sister.

Your sister woke up the mother in me and you revived the soul in me

helping me relive every moment again being a mother.

Happy Birthday my lil Angel

Romance and Musings

The string that bound them


The clouds were clearing, the sky became clear, everything around her seemed to be shining with the touch of sunlight. The dew drops everywhere seemed like diamonds reflecting the light into the world around her. The shining world, brought in a new path for her to move on. The world around was cleansed with the downpour. She felt the smoke and the dust in her path was cleared and everything seemed to be easily visible.

The ambiguity in her path was now gone forever. The world seemed to be happier and beautiful to her. She trusted the hands that took her, leading her path towards the bright world, where there was no sorrow, there were no doubts, there were no worries. She blindly followed the footsteps. Her trust in God was at its highest, she believed everything was for good.

The path led her to the new horizon, where she wanted to live happily with her family. The world she built up in the quest to attain the freedom of living was awaiting her. She grabbed the invisible hands and walked down the path, struggling through the thorns that were laid for her. She never lost her hope, she trusted her soul and walked towards her destiny leaving everything behind her.

The world seemed to be inviting, and there she was not walking alone to her dreams, she had all she wished for, the love, the care and everything in those hands that lead her. The security she was assured was beyond words. She blinded her vision to follow unquestioningly and undoubtedly.

She bends her neck, and he ties the knot, the knot forever, the bond forever, the love in the string that was now a part of her heart and soul. A string was enough to bond them forever into the art of marriage. The promise of being together in anything and everything in pain and happiness. To share the joy of being together, unifying into one soul.

Romance and Musings

Like a leaf swaying in the wind


The wind was little on the higher side, the coldness of the air was tempting her to move closer to him. She sat behind him, resting her cheek on his shoulder, looking at him, through the mirror on his bike. She hugged him tightly, feeling all the warmth in that chilling climate.She didn’t want to loosen her finger, in that tight grip, Whenever the bike stopped, he looks at her, in the mirror and smiled, a smile that brought in thousands of tantalizing memories in her alive.

As they sped through the busy roads, he held her hands, at times, squeezing it in between and pulling her closer to him. She knew that she wanted to be with him forever. They didn’t speak much, but their words were flowing uncontrollably from heart to heart.

She smiled every second their thoughts met, and he could sense the love in every hug she pressed her soul onto his. She giggled at some thoughts, and at times, she was smiling. The smile on her face just grew larger with even more fond memories.

She could spend hours with him, without keeping track of her clock. Every second she cherished with him, was precious for her. They were connected to each other like magnets, some inseparable force played to keep them swaying like a leaf in the wind.

A leaf is caressed by the wind, it sways when there is a breeze, when it is stronger it plucks it off the roots, letting it smoothly flow down to the earth, at times swiftly, the wind carries it in the hands, and fly off to far off places.The relation is intense, because the wind could destroy the leaf, yet it knows how to handle the soft brittle body in the rustiness of the wind, out of love.

She felt as if she was the leaf carried away by the wind into the world of unknown. Yet she followed it with deep passion and challenged her existence even if the wind was at time uncontrollably strong.

Her love was unconditional, she would do anything her heart agreed to. She wanted to be the last leaf of his life, giving him everything she ever had and taking all his love that was flowing into her soul.

All she could feel was the uncontrollable attraction towards him, the love that never faded with years or with any other obstacles. Even distance could not take away her soul from his and his soul from hers. She could blindly follow his footsteps, as she knows love is blind, the heart sees it all and feels it to the core.

She never wanted a special day to feel she was his forever. For her, every single second was imprinted for him.

Happy Valentines Day.