Romance and Musings

As he lay on her lap …listening


She was busily talking to him all along

their words were uninterrupted

they spoke for hours and hours

he looked at her with utmost love with his lips just giving a smile

his eyes were locked in her eyes

even if she talked and talked

her hands were fiddling in his hands

and her eyes fixed on him all along

she could speak of anything and everything all along

he smiled and enjoyed her talks

her hands slowly moved on to his forehead

he slid his head onto her lap, enjoying the fondling fingers in his hair

she loved to be with him all along

she cuddled him in her arms and planted a kiss on his forehead

he slowly drifted into sleep …embraced by her

she watched as he slipped into sleep, she adored it

she kept looking at him and loved him more and more.

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