Romance and Musings

Even when away, they loved the most


Under the starlit sky, with thousands of lanterns floating up in the air

lighting up the whole place

with fireflies lighting up the grass beneath her feet

She stood grasping her breath

Her eyes had the depth that none could read

She waited, all along to find her soulmate

she never knew when she fell in love

it was like he came and conquered her heart

even when she never knew she was giving away everything to him

he came and swept her away from the floor into the heights of life and the depth of his heart

She whispered to herself thousand times “whether she should love or not? “

Her heart always answered that she needed him

Everything changed as she was falling madly in love with him

she forgot the world

she forgot what she was

she lost herself in love

love was truly blind, as she could never see anything other than him

love was truly maddening her, as she could never think of anything other than him

every breath she took was named for him

he became the world to her

he became the wind that fondled her

he became the pain that she never wanted to get over

he became the smile that never faded from her face

he was the vision in her eyes

he was just hers forever, even when worlds apart from each other

both were bonded together as one soul

even when the world separated them.

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