Romance and Musings

Never ask me to Change for you


Do not ask me to change…

If you loved me the way I am…

Why did you ask me to change later?

What is love, when there is a demand to change

do not overshadow me, walk beside me

never let me be swallowed by the conformity

Let me live in anomaly

I want to be a free bird

do not tie my wings

else one day I would break the chains and fly away

love me the way, I am with all the deformities

If you do not want the uniqueness in me

never love me

I want to live my life with all eccentricities

cherish all the moments in love and luxuriate in it

caress my wings, but never cut them away

my wings are my gateway to freedom

delight in my beauty, never trail on them

If you do not want my weirdness

ignore me, before I fall in deep love

hurting me easier ….than caging me

Never let me change with sentiments

As one day, the sentiments will vanish

And I might stop loving you forever.

Accept me as I am and desire me for my warmness.

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