Romance and Musings

Moving with tide


As the sea washing the pebbles on the shore

wind whispering in my ears

the sea is tangling my hairs

and untangling my emotions

the pebbles are hurting my feet

yet the water is fondling the pain

the vast blue ocean is giving me the flow

I felt like am moving with the tide

like a boat which is going nowhere

but just floating in the ocean with the tide

the emotional turmoils which I cannot take in

I washed off with the sea

discovering where did I belong to

I felt I was barren

as if I was dried out

the sea was nourishing me

the whole me was changing

I felt like a plant grown out of a parched surface

I felt moist and my mind enjoyed the newborn placidity

the new me escaped from chaos and clutter

escaping from mediocrity I was enjoying the new turn-ons.

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