Romance and Musings

As I gazed out of the moving bus


I boarded the bus

ran to the window seat

the one that is my favorite

sitting adjoining the window

overlooking the moving images

trying to capture a few striking ones

I ran down my memory lane

to link up some images from the past

none could be found that reminded me of my past

the time I was like a runaway soul

the time I had the peacefulness hovering on me

the time where nothing was important than friends and fun

memories came floating by

bringing up emotional turmoil in me

I wished I could turn back the time

and giggle around like my olden days

I suddenly felt like I had lost many things

amidst the chaos of my life

the fun, the romance, the chit-chats everything

may be it was not the place or people that changed

it was me- just me

I had lost the smile, that was enveloped with the mysteries of life

the fondest memories flashed through my eyes

all it could bring in was tears in my soul

for once again I wished to relive the moment

like the old weird college girl.

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