The wind whispered in my ears


As I sat there up in the balcony

overlooking the farmlands

where the grass swayed in the soft breeze

and the cranes sat there waiting to catch their prey keenly waiting near the pond

the sight of birds flying away in the sky towards the other end

As I sat gaining the momentum of my pen to write down

whatever I felt into the diary of my heart

the soft breeze kissed my cheeks as it conveyed a message from my dear one

the wind snuggled within my hair

tying a knot on it as if it never want to wander away

the strong bond of love

it made with me

never letting me stay away

the whole nature was bridging the gap in between me and him

the wind carried the messages and whispered in my ears

the clouds created a camouflage of his image in the sky for me to see him

as if it was a reflection of him in the sky

the air brought me the scent of him

and placed it on my soul for me to feel him

Even if miles apart, All I could feel was him near me

my thoughts kept wandering around him

and he remained like a fresh flower in my heart.

Am I afraid of the dark ?



Dark clouds are gathering

Is it frightening me?

No, it is not the darkness that frightens me

For me, darkness is my friend

it knows me and my deepest secrets

it shadows my worst nightmares and my sorrows

as it begins to dawn, the whole light brings a glare in my eyes

overshadowing the real me and others

darkness brings out the real people

the rain wipes out the fakeness and the original self is portrayed in my mind

I stood there sighing in front of the dark clouds

when it started to shower the bliss of rain

quenching the thirst of every living thing on the surface of the earth

there I stood soaked in the gush of water from the clouds

the rain make me fresh and pure

brushing me up like a pure droplet in the first mist.

The beauty I woke up into


A village wakes up to the chirping of the birds

the crackling sound of the river

the beautiful sunlight that lit up the whole surrounding

the impeccable beauty is beyond words

it is hard to explain, the spellbound beauty

that nature precedes

the world around me is so welcoming

I felt like running into it, and dissolve into nature

the beauty that is undefined unpredictable and marvelous

waking up in a place which is unknown to you amidst the luscious greenery

with budding flowers caressing your face with the tiny droplets of the early morning dew drops

I felt like diamonds were shining when the bright sunlight glistened it

the shine opened up my eyes and all I could feel was the fresh gush of air into my lungs

I could feel that my lungs were breathing

the freshness filled over my whole body

the thin airbrushed my nose

tickling my soul

the world around me was the prettiest

the water was fresh, the air was unpolluted

the beauty was intriguing

I lay there overlooking the beauty of the bright sky

As I lay there dreaming and making shapes in the clouds

I dozed off into my dreamland….



All I ever wanted was freedom

the freedom of expressing my thoughts

the freedom to explore

the freedom to be on my own

the soul in me is chained

branded as good

was so harmful

when one day I decided to get naughty and mischevious

the thoughts led me to a different world

the world that let me live a secret life

the scars became the beauty spots in me

my eyes became the path to me

I felt I was inviting attention all over

even though I pretended to be happy

I portrayed a different me to others

I justified myself saying It was all I ever needed

the whole me was changed

I felt powerful and strong

the thoughts led me to live the freedom I gained

It was then I decided there was no hiding away

expressing what I ever felt turned to be my strength

Freedom added wings to my dreams

to wander off from my monotonous life to a life to fulfill my wishes.

It was fun when I realised ” If you are a bird, you need to fly away, rather than walk”.

I became his soulmate


Weeping all night, my eyes were red

all I could think of was to die

yet something stopped me from it

I knew I had a purpose to fulfill

I decided to live — live for others

everything around me was just monotonous

nothing seemed to bloom around

one day, as My heart prompted that it existed by sounding loud

I realized that I was still alive

it was sudden, a brightness appeared in my life

his smile changed me

his eyes made me feel beautiful

his touch made me human

and all I felt was the purest love

he cupped my face in his hands holding me close to himself

the love was precedently something I could never gain in my life

the whole me was changed, it was not me then

I became what he always wanted

his mate – his soul mate.