Romance and Musings

Until death united us


You are mine
I found you in this busy world
I nurtured you
I cared you
The way you took me into you
It could never be done by anyone
The magic in you keeps me alive
the love we have is never a mistake
the wait we do is never wasted
the nights I spend awake in your arms is never false
the mornings we wished to wake up in each other’s​ arms are never fake
your hug without a gap, tells me thousands of ‘miss you”
the untold words that flow from our hearts
tells many unspoken words
the words that speak of our love
the life we spend apart tells our tales of unbroken promises
at times death seems easy to accept than this life apart
yet at times life is a sacrifice for a better tomorrow.
we believe hence we lived to fulfill our dreams of togetherness​
to satisfy​ the true souls wandering for a whole life to unite
we lived apart until death united us.

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