Romance and Musings

I made a wish- it’s You


I made a wish
It’s you
you are the one I​ longed for
without you are a loner
my heart becomes void
even the emptiness cause echo
you filled my night sky with stars
that shined bright in my life
I don’t need daylight anymore
as your smile brightens up my life
you stir my life like the ripples in the lake
you are the waves of my silent sea
you crawl into me
making my mind go wild
you make me crave for you
your eyes reflects our love
your arms tell me that you would stand by my side
you are the reason that everything around me is impeccable
you are the reason that I want to live longer
you are my home where I feel like living
every day I want to wake up in your arms and smile at you when you kiss me
every night I want to fall asleep in your arms snuggled like a baby
my life is complete when you hold me tight in your arms
the way you treat my imperfections
makes me fall in love with you again
It is never tiring to tell you that I love you always
because the moment I stop saying it would be my end.

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