Nestled in you


In search of my half soul

I walked across oceans and lands

until I walked into you

you stole my heart with a kiss

until then my search was my oblivion

you strayed my path

crossing my way leading me into love

the magic that was forbidden

until then I never knew how love can be

until I liberated in your arms

like the caterpillars waking up to the new found life

I realized what was love

falling into your arms, losing myself in your arms

I let myself unbuttoned

letting you into me

you added the sweetness to my soul

limping through every inch of me

the pain of union became the joy of pleasure

the wait became the stages of desire

I lay buoyant under your body

feeling the freshness of your breath over mine

your eyes became the gateway to your soul

you skimmed across my mortal

brushing yourself deep into me

unshackling me from the demons of my thoughts

letting me be free in your arms

I nestled in you.

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