I have Lost….


I have lost

Lost what I ever loved

Lost what I ever wanted

who build these walls

walls that do not let me see

walls that do not let me cross

even then i let my heart leap over

my tears roll down without letting me know


I wish I had a time machine to run back the time i lost

It hard to find what you lost forever

living with the scars that had let you fall apart

listening to the agony of the scars that I let myself on

I wept enough all alone

yet you heard me

you could feel the vibrations of my broken heart

even miles apart, the connection existed

slide away the curtain from my dark world

let the light come into me

reflecting my soul

let me be a human …and live the life .






My Lil girl all set to school


Her Lil eyes looking at me

I got her ready for school

she smiled and I responded her smile

” I am a big girl mama”, she said

I smiled saying ” Yes you are a big girl now”

” so I am going to a big school .” She said again

I nodded to her with a smile

I wish I could tell her, she was still my small girl

It was the hardest part to convince myself

letting my Lil girl grow up

I hid my worries with a smile

the emotional turmoil was like storms hitting rocks

the mind was boggling

my eyes waiting to shower my cheeks

It was hard, yet I had to, for her

I knew it was for good

The tiny Lil ones, off to school

it was her big day

A day that marks the beginning of her future.


Sunshine Blogger Award



Dear Bloggers

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to accept the nomination for the Sunshine Blogger award. Thank you so much Thinkandactblog  for nominating for the same and apologies for taking os long to post the details of the award nomination.  Click here to visit the blog .

Thank you again for all other bloggers who keep supporting me every day.

Let me start on with the rules of the blog :

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.
  • Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  • List the rules and display the award.

here are the answers to the questions asked by Thinkandactblog to me as a nominee


  1. How will you define yourself in one word?  – Optimistic
  2. Your favorite animal & why? – Cat , because they are cute
  3. Your favorite dish? – Chicken fry
  4. Name one thing which you don’t like about this world? – Inequality
  5. Do you believe in God? If yes, define it. – Yes , God is the one who guides us in the right direction ,even if we feel that we are not on the right path. But in the end , the results are the ones you always desired for. 
  6. Is your current job & your passion same? Yes
  7. Which is your favorite subject?- Emotional Intelligence
  8. Why you have started writing a blog? For my daughters and to chill out
  9. Where do you live?  My Home
  10. Do you like my blog & why? Yes , I love your blog.  Unique and idealistic
  11. Do you want to give me some suggestions to improve? If yes, your most welcome. Nothing as such, you are already doing a great job .

My nominees

  1. Ritu
  2. Le Sou Chef
  3. Tanushree
  4. Akhila 
  5. Safira’s Journey 
  6. Riya 
  7. ThoughtCatalog
  8. Love it now
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  10. Sangbad
  11. Radhika’s Reflections

My questions

  1. How do you define yourself in one word?
  2. How did you start blogging?
  3. How do you define your writing?
  4. Which is your favourite movie  character ?
  5. Which is your favourite book?
  6. If you were to blog on something for an instant, what topic it would be?
  7. Which is the best place you sit to write?
  8. Who is your inspiration ?
  9. Do you like my blog?
  10. Would you suggest me some improvements needed? If yes, what are they?
  11. Which is your favourite movie?

So all bloggeres, enjoy these questions , keep blogging keep encouraging you are the ones who drive the blog to heights.

Thank you for being with me .

Appreciate your contributions.



Awaiting you….



My feets are frozen

my eyes teary

my hands trembled

it was the sound of the train

at a distance

it was taking you away from me

I felt like my heart being taken away

for a moment I felt like a fish out of the water

stranded on a deserted street

awaiting your return

to be embraced in your arms

It was an empty me out there

lost and incomplete

For a moment I felt I could run

but the numbness in my feet was like chains holding me there

I felt like my throat has dried up, not letting my voice come out

the whole me stood there

awaiting you ….until you arrived.

A reflection of me



A reflection of me

sunken eyes

wounded soul

the scars speaks words unheard by others

felt like I was stripped

in front of the mirror

the real me wanted to run away

burn into ashes and rise like the phoenix

I smoked like a chimney

burning with the desire to be free

yet passers-by left me unnoticed

the more I burned, the more neglected I was

the change in me was never noticed

my paths shifted

I detoured to reach my destination

the unsettled emotions in my soul

left me astray

I stood still watching the distress that was building up

I was shaken by the thoughts that were clouding my mind

I decided not to worry,

as worrying was never an answer to my journey ahead

I never invited the problems into my life

I shook away the fear,grabed out the heart in me

decided to walk away from the pain

I did the best I can and moved on.