Romance and Musings

Reuniting with my life



There I sat painting my dreams

the dream I want to live in

the dreams i want to breathe in

a glass box i put myself in

swimming away from the truth

holding back the reality and struggling

I want to run away from other’s dreams

the dreams they try to put me in and fit me in

I want to shatter the box ,

letting my dreams gather wings

there was a commotion and I  let go everything

the ripples caused the glass to break

And I was out suffocated at first

but once and forever I began to breathe in

the breath of freshness held me tight

the wind was gushing through my lungs

I could feel the lungs filling in

it was like you were the air and I was filling you in

I realised that first step to life is never easy

but worth taking

Desire woke me up from the deep sleep

And I rushed my way out

Reuniting with my life.






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