I waited for you even old age crawled in


Across the lane 

where the leaves are golden

the grass is shining gold

i sat there in the home 

alone waiting for you

the path seemed deserted

the seasons changed

golden changed to white and then green

trees shed their leaves 

yet the wait never ended

there was no voice to be heard

the birds flew past me

conveying that it was time 

time to end the wait

my hairs turned grey

skin wrinkled

yet my eyes had the passion filled in

and one day .. in the distant

where my eyes could hardly reach to see …

you stood ….it was like a reflection of me

old changed never rusted my heart

i could hear it beat madly for you as it was years ago

i could die at the moment in your arms

because it was my dream that fulfilled 

even it meant dying with you…. it was my dream.

8 thoughts on “I waited for you even old age crawled in”

  1. Deeper thoughts with simple words👍 😊I believe in that kind of Unconditional Love but it’s seems to me that I am loosing the faith these days, because there are very few people left in this world who believe in Unconditional love

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