Romance and Musings

Just at the slipping edge of life

He extends a hand to me

I grabbed him as he pulled me closer

I was one step away from death

when his hands pulled me life

for a moment I felt his arms was my home

the home I longed for

as he held me close to his body

I could feel the aroma of his sweat

it was making me crazier 

in split seconds the life ahead me flashed away

my heart began to beat profusely

I looked into his eyes

with all the compassion and love

with my lips trembling 

longing for a kiss of life

he was my life savior

the one who held my hands even in tough times

as his lips slowly planted a kiss on my forehead 

my soul tickled and my lips smiled

tears rolled down 

the  turmoil of feelings gushed in 

and there he cupped my face gently in his warm hands 

and kissed me like a butterfly kissign the flower

it was like I was resurrected.



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