I held them close to my heart

Rekindling the moments of sheer happiness

the tender hands that extend to my cheeks

holding me tight even if their hands never reach me completely

the love they shower on me

the soft kisses planted on my cheeks

the tiny little eyes that blossom with love

every moment they are held in my arms

invokes my motherly emotions

I held them close to my heart

with thousands of blissful moments, i shared with them

from the time they arrived  into my life

making every moment count as a blessing

I realized why being a mom is enough for a lifetime blessing.




You discovered my fear in my fake words

My words and emotions were clouded

My words paused…

passion killed in every word I uttered

making you feel devastated

it was just insecurity that was protruding

the thought to walk away from you

disguised the love in my heart

tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably

when I was struggling to keep away from you

your face reflected in my soul

I screamed a million times

to tell you the millionth time the unspoken words 

finally, there was nothing I could do

than surrender my thoughts to you

as you knew I was disturbed to the core

you discovered my fear in the fake words.



Spice up your thoughts…

let our passion linger around your memory

every time our skin touched

a spark occurred in our souls

the moment you whispered in my ears

my heart pumped up like never before

the moment you moved your hands to hold me closer

your hands were like hot iron rods that melted me 

I loved every moment I melted under your pressure

the moment when you weighed on me

as we part our ways …my memory lingered around you

to spice up every moment you thought you longed for me.



becoming a stone

emotions keep struggling

I sit unable to express.

a moment of silence

a moment of realization

I become the stone hiding the true me

that kept rolling through every field

as none could nest me in

chaos and confusions led me through tough times

tangled thoughts led me to break hearts 

until when, I reached my destination

the hole that could contain me 

the one that held the key to my soul


I rested ..nestled in the hole 

as if it was my home.



She loved the fire

She loved the fire

she smiled at it

instilling her thoughts 

to burn in the fire

even if she knew she would be burned to ashes

she loved the sensation of being burned

she was enthralled with the thrill

to endorse her in the fire

to be flamed 

uncoiling her fears and dreams

she knew the fire would bring out the best in her

letting her rise from the ashes like a phoenix. 



I could never walkaway from you …

At times , I am vulnerable 

because I try to be away from you

hours seemed like a decade

the grief was unbearable 

that even my tears refuse to stay inside me

I might be hurting you at time

I might not say a word

Yet, it is not because

I never want to speak to you

it is just that my feelings have no words to express

the void you might create in my life

cannot be defined 

if I ever want to walk away from you

remember that it is with utmost affliction

that I can never define to you

I would just close my eyes 

and silence me from your world

letting you think that am no more alive

as  walking away from you would be like 

leaving my body soulless.