Invisible to your eyes… but felt by your heart

Does true love exist?

is it worth waiting for

at times when the dreams are shattered

once in your lifetime you meet the match

the soul that will give you everything undeniably

even if there is no true love

let me give you my love, the one you might dream of

like the lullaby to the baby 

I will be there as the music to your ears

rocking your way through your tough times

living the dreams with you even if it meant to be hell for me

soaking myself in the colors of your life

I will give the glimpse of my love, even if you don’t believe in true love

cherishing the days with me will be your reality. 



6 thoughts on “Invisible to your eyes… but felt by your heart”

  1. True love does exist. The hardest part is keeping true love and keeping that love fed because as fast as true love comes it could be gone. Great post

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  2. Lovely words, thank you for sharing this, as for true love existing? I believe it does, but does it have to last forever? I think I’ve found true love many times, some of us love once and some of us many times. But the love is just as powerful isn’t it?

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