Deal with the different versions of me !!

I am not everyone’s cup of tea

I am the wine that enchants your mind slowly

I may never be the choice you desired for

I may not be beautiful, but I have something that none can give you

I have the time to love you

I may be worst at many things

but I am still better at some things

At times I am hard to handle

I may act stubborn, but I cry miserably

I make mistake even when I never learn from them

I am just vulnerable as anyone else

don’t judge me, as you and I are living a life

that we don’t get rewarded again

I don’t live to prove someone else 

I live so that I want to live

Deal with the different versions of me.


Bits of me

the air was filled with bits of me

as I ripped out a part of me

flying high scattered all around

some went into the canals floating in its own way

some were lost in the stampede

some flew into the air like a lost part

some lay in your palms

hold me tight in your fist

the part of me

that never want to leave you 

open the treasure of your dreams to me 

let me be the one that you want to live it with

as the rest of me floated apart from me

the only one that belonged to you stayed

I give you the unperfect part of me into your hands

treasure me like a pearl in the shell

I may be handful to you,

but that is why you have your two hands to take me fully.


You and I make it even

I do every bit from my side 

to set up the world that is ours alone

in which I will be the queen when you are king

together we dream big 

bringing in a garden into our life

that contains the dreams blooming in 

the fragrance of our sweat linger around the land

as we hold our hands to built our dream home

I do not promise to solve everything for you

but promise you that you will never find yourself alone

your dreams are our dreams

together we walk into our destiny

when you feel empty, look into my  eyes

it had all of you and the moments we lived

never fall apart, as I will be the backbone of your life

hold me tight, just love me madly, so that I don’t fall apart.



Cherish my taste

I want to creep in your thoughts

as and when I wanted to

I know that the world around me is stimulating

that you leave yours to be in mine

I want you to be around me 

losing control of yourself

and enjoying the bliss of being in me

chase me as I run

even when I don’t have intentions to run away from you

hold me tight, even when I am not losing my grip on you

I want to lose myself in those arms 

setting myself free like the butterflies

cherish the taste of me on your lips

as I become irresistibly yours.

No better place than you

The gap in your fingers

is meant to fit mine

let me squeeze through them and place mine

hold me tight 

never let me move away

when slowly the music begins to  play

grab my waist and dance along

let me rest my head on your shoulders

forgetting myself in the enchanting music played on

as you kiss away the tiredness in me

slowly like the swans floating in the water

you take me all along dancing with the beats 

making me realize that there is no better place than you to rest my head.




Feel the snuggle

In the middle of the night

when the cold catches your veins

want to  just snuggle around 

your tender fingers move around my face

in the cold night, your fingers became the source of warmth to me

I held you in my arms, close to my chest

to let you feel the warmth 

even in sleep, you just closely propelled your tiny little fingers over me

I just wanted to sleep close to those tender arms 

you are the purpose and the factor that motivates me to live

one day when you grow up, remember me in your words and deeds

the love we shared and unending nights I was beside you.




The inevitable truth

As I was busy in the kitchen making our dinner ready lost in my thoughts about what to make and what not to make, there comes my little sunshine running to me. Her face was so tensed, for a second the thoughts crawled in my mind .. worrying what exactly was going on in her mind. Her eyes had thousands of questions to me.

I knelt down, putting on halt whatever I was doing, giving her my full attention. I looked closely into her eyes. Her eyes questioned me before her lips could deliver the words. I waited … she uttered 

” Mamma, are you gonna die? ” 

The question was a little surprising. As some great people, I said ” All people die one day my dear. ” with a smile decorated on my lips. 

And the weird part for a moment I felt like I gave an intellectual answer, but the way she took it was totally vulnerable. I was stuck and then suddenly realized, how little she was to understand what I said. Before I could speak another word…. she started to cry 

” Mamma don’t die please, Mamma don’t die, please. You cannot die ..” She wept profusely. I was not sure how could I ever assure her a false promise that I would be alive. Just then I took her in my arms, convincing her that I was not going to die and be with her forever. 

My little sunshine brought out a million dollar smile on her face that totally lit my world up. 

For a moment even I thought, Death is something one cannot handle, but an inevitable portion of life.