Romance and Musings

the love that melt away the selfish me

I never imagined

I could be strong in this

this love made my heart melt away

the love that began even before you were conceived

the love that went on when you created the world inside me

I felt myself going weaker but stronger at the same time

It was a feeling, an intention not to hurt you that was budding up

all just with out seeing you or holding you in my arms

all I wanted was you to be safe in my arms

the words couldn’t explain how much I adored you

All I wanted was to kiss all over your cheeks and feel the tenderness

my happiness rolled down my cheeks as I hug you

the relief is unexplainable as I hold you mine

the moment you arrived in my life, you changed my world

the selfish me became selfless 

you taught me patience and love exist

I believe in Angels, and that is you, my daughter. 




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